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Individualize Firearm Service
At Haynes and Sons we hold dear to our hearts the core values of God, Family, and Country.  We are proud to support the United States military, and our family has a long standing record of service, rumor has it there was a Haynes at Tuns Tavern.  We value our Freedom, and have lived to protect it for generations.  We hold true that the Second Amendment is one of the most valued protections set forth by our founding fathers.  To this end we will use our available resources to provide you the customer with a quality firearm that both meets your needs, and your budget. We take protecting our families seriously and we hope to provide you with the necessary tools for you to do so, and we hope to throw in a little personalized style as well.  You can protect your family, and safeguard your nation and have some tacticool while doing so.
Meet Our Team
  1. Jason Haynes
    Jason is a Veteran of the US Navy, serving a decade and a half as a Navy Corpsman with both the Navy and US Marine Corps. Jason was retired from service early and let the Navy pay for both his Bachelors and Masters degrees, and started a second career in Mental Health. Jason's love for guns has been there since the first shot fired with the Marines. He has been building, modifying, and selling guns for 22 years.
  2. Jeanette Haynes
    Jeanette has been married to Jason for going on 25 years. She spent the early years raising 4 1/2 kids (Chris is the 1/2). Jeanette has gone on to earn her Bachelors degree and now is finishing her Masters. Jeanette also serves the community in the mental health field. Jeanette has been around guns longer than the bunch and brings both her managerial and retail knowledge to the shop.
  3. Mike Haynes
    Mike started with a love for shooting at a very young age, and has developed a large level of interest in building and working on all types of guns. His favorite guns to customize are Glocks and AR15's. Mike is responsible for most of the creations featured on this site and in the shop.
  4. Rebecca Haynes
    Rebecca began traveling the world at birth, in Italy, and gained a ton of experience for a young lady as a child of a serviceman. Rebecca began shooting at the age of 4, and is a skilled marksman. Rebecca is not only known for her precision shooting (which brings quite the crowd at the range) but can often be seen demonstrating her speed rapidly disassembling and reassembling AR's and AK's with lightening dexterity. Rebecca brings both administrative and marketing skills to the table.
Meet Our Team
  1. Isaac Haynes
    Isaac may not have been born with a gun in his hand, but his first toy was a plush Glock. Isaac has been an avid shooter his whole life, and focusses on training other kids his age on firearms safety. Isaac is a avid shooter, and shares his sisters ability in outshooting anyone who takes up the challenge. In a recent class on marksmanship for adults, Isaac was noted as the top shooter of his class at the ripe old age of 14.
  2. Nick Haynes
    Nick hasn't quite been bitten by the shooting bug, but when he does shoot it is fast and accurate. Nick's passion is in design, and is responsible for much of the look and feel of the gun store. Nick has retail experience and works with the marketing and presentation of both the over all store and product.
  3. Chris Trunkey
    Chris is currently serving on Active Duty with the US Navy overseas. Chris has experience with computer systems as well as military security. Chris is another of the Haynes Team and has been working with both Mike and Jason for years building, and designing guns, as well as selling them at gunshow's with the family. Chris brings an operational knowledge of firearms and how they can relate to personal protection.
  4. Nolan Posey
    Nolan is our future Son-in-Law and Becca's Beau. He has been a member of the family for years now and has been an avid shooter since a very young age. Nolan is learning the business and you may see him at gunshow's or working at the shop. We look forward to seeing more of Nolan in the future.
Meet The Team
  1. Haynes and Sons Security
    These fearless commando's will viciously protect their family store
  2. BJ
    BJ is the head of our security team, and undeniably the mean one out of the two. BJ can often be found licking his butt, he says this helps take the taste of jihadi's from his mouth after he bites the crap out of them.
  3. Lily
    Lily is a German Shepherd and likes to chew on things, especially liberals.